Austin Bands: Apply For A Free Music Video

by Nick Schenck

The past two months in Austin have been devastating to many local residents. 

For one group in particular – musicians – it’s been particularly harsh. Without the exposure from SXSW and the income from gigs at music venues, bars, and restaurants, our music community faces a huge threat.

Organizations like Black Fret and the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians do great work to support musicians in Austin.

We want to do our part in the best way we know how. If you’ve followed our series on music videos – or if you’ve seen the music video we produced for Cari Q – you know how much we love music. So we’ve decided to produce a free music video for one Austin musician or band.

We are now accepting submissions, and below are the requirements:

  • Email us your submission at [email protected] before May 15, 2020.
  • The majority of your band members must be Austin residents.
  • Include a link to your song that you want produced into a music video.
  • Explain how you’ve been impacted by recent events.

On May 25, we will announce the musician/band that we will collaborate with on the music video. Sign up for our email list below for future updates and to be notified when we select the winning musician/band.