We’re a team of filmmakers, creative strategists, and media buyers. Our mission is to produce the best work of our lives with sports, entertainment, beauty, and tech brands.

We believe that all businesses are media companies. With the rigor of an ad agency and the capabilities of a production house, we create and leverage rich stories to elevate brands.


With diverse skill sets and ambitions to redefine what a production company and ad agency look like, our founders launched 3rd + Lamar in December 2019.

We were former colleagues who joined to build the company we always wanted to work for.

This is our vision:

  • Help companies tell their stories to drive real-world results
  • Foster a culture conducive to doing our best work
  • Optimize the feedback loop between ad managers and content producers
  • Feature creators that we admire in Austin and beyond

Brands across industries increasingly rely on content, but producing the content is not enough on its own. We are constantly expanding our understanding of ad platform nuances and distribution channels to maximize performance.

We’re grateful for the brands that trust us to help them navigate these challenges.