We are a team of FILMMAKERS, ad strategists, motion graphics editors, and copywriters. Our mission is to produce the best work of our lives with good people
and give back along the way.

We believe that all businesses must act like media companies—that’s how valuable content has become. By combining rich storytelling and production capabilities with the knowledge of how to maximize the content—all under one roof—we create multi-faceted campaigns that push our clients ahead.


With three different skill sets and ambitions to redefine what a media company and ad agency look like, Tony Stolfa, Heather Grass, and I signed the legal paperwork to form 3rd & Lamar, LLC at the end of 2019. 

We were three former work colleagues in Austin who came together to build the company we always wanted to work for. 

Three months later, COVID hit.


In March 2020, we returned our deposits to companies who hired us for production work at SXSW. That’s when reality set in. 

We had enough ad agency clients to stay afloat, but nothing was certain and production had shut down completely.

Our vision to balance client work with our own content and coverage of Austin business subculture and music flipped overnight. 

So we took inventory of our situation:

  • In a virtual world, we predicted video—both live and on-demand—would become more (not less) important.
  • Demand for online shopping and delivery was surging, creating more opportunities for online marketers.
  • Music consumption was growing on channels like YouTube as fans searched for at-home entertainment options.

We contacted a select list of brands to inquire about partnership opportunities in these areas.

In June 2020, Austin Monthly hired us to become their production partner for Front Porch Sessions (FPS), their virtual concert series. FPS went on to be recognized by the Austin Chronicle in their 2021 Best Of Austin awards. We also launched our own live music series, 3rd & Lamar’s Rooftop Live.

Meanwhile, ad agency clients grew from our network and as word-of-mouth spread, we over tripled our revenue. The value of combining the rigor of an ad agency with the capabilities of a production house became apparent to companies that needed expertise in both from a single partner.

One Cohesive Brand

Originally, we segmented our company between 3rd & Lamar and 3rd & Lamar Media to distinguish between our own content and the client work that we produced. In 2022, as the lines blurred, we decided to unveil a single, cohesive brand: 3rd + Lamar.

Our vision is to become Austin’s leading media agency and a leading source for news and coverage of the Austin creative community.

We take inspiration and pride from our hometown, and it’s time to shine a light on all the amazing work done here and the people behind it.

Thank you,