Business Development Representative

Business Development Rep (Contract)

Who we are

3rd & Lamar, LLC is an Austin-based ad agency and production house (, as well as a subscription media company covering Austin business subculture (

What we need

We’re looking for a business development representative to generate leads and help close new business for our production house and ad agency. The ideal candidate is passionate about media and content and has a strong network of business contacts locally and nationally.

What we’re asking for

  • Identify, pitch, and close new business for 3rd & Lamar Media

  • Become an expert on 3rd & Lamar Media’s services and product offering

  • Conceptualize new video production ideas and proposals to pitch

  • Attend select business functions and networking events on behalf of 3rd & Lamar Media

  • Negotiate agreements with potential clients in coordination with 3rd & Lamar Media co-founders

  • Contribute to (and update) 3rd & Lamar Media’s sales pipeline

Good vs. Bad Business Development Rep

Below are qualities and behaviors that distinguish high performers vs. low performers in this role.

A good business development rep… A bad business development rep…
-Aims to build genuine rapport with businesses -Treats relationships as transactions
-Asks questions to understand pain points -Spends more time talking than listening
-Takes detailed notes & has thorough follow-thru -Does not deliver on what they promised
-Believes in win-win negotiations -Believes negotiation is a zero-sum game
-Is helpful without expecting anything in return -Approaches each negotiation as quid pro quo
-Never bad mouths competitors -Talks down on any other company
-Is organized & plans out each day and each week -Jumps from one task to another with no direction
-Is goal-oriented and understands their win rate -Is bad at estimating the likelihood of closing leads
-Can create business solutions using content -Doesn’t realize how content can help businesses
-Approaches each day with urgency and purpose -Is laid-back and unconcerned re: closing business
-Is able to find value in past work to close leads -Can’t leverage past work in finding new business

Qualities we like

  • Self-motivated

  • Competitive

  • Ambitious

  • Independent

  • Creative

  • Analytical

  • Composed

Payment and benefits

  • Contract position with flexible work hours

  • Opportunity to join full-time

  • 100% commission-based with bonuses and accelerators

  • Will be reimbursed for company expenses (i.e. networking events)

  • Monthly cell phone stipend

  • Monthly company happy hours

  • Free 3rd & Lamar hat and subscription


To apply for the job, email us your resume and cover letter to [email protected].