Fit Body App Look Book

Fit Body App Video Lookbook

Below are various aesthetics to review for the upcoming shoot. We want to gather your feedback and learn what resonates with you the most. Based on your feedback, we will build out a detailed creative treatment.


There is a distinct sense of empowerment that is felt with a rooftop view, at sunset, overlooking the city. We find inspiration from anyone who catches their morning run before most people are awake. In our outdoor looks, we will avoid shooting while the sun is high in the sky. For best results, we will film exteriors during the sunrise & sunset hours of the day (6:00am-8:00am & 6:30pm-8:30pm).

Warehouse / Industrial

The “Warehouse / Industrial” look is always a solid option, but it can vary drastically depending on the time of day that we shoot. You’ll notice the photos below are from 3 distinct times of day (low sun, high sun, no sun).


The “Rigging” concept is the ultimate flex. This concept will require us to build and outfit a rig utilizing a mix of florescent tubes and hard light sources. This an extremely high contrast look, a far cry from soft or natural lighting. For example, in the slideshow below, envision replacing the sprinter and male model with Nicci hitting a smooth, slow-mo clean & jerk, or Anna slamming a med ball while the camera rotates 90-degrees around them.

Soft Top

The “Soft Top” look bakes in some mystery to the scene. For our purposes, this look focuses less on the detailed features of the body, but rather highlights the form and technique being executed. Since we are talking about “why,” this look does a great job of illustrating “how.”


With the “R.G.B.” look, we can add a touch of brand colors, or any color for that matter. We have lots of options on just how we accomplish this, but basically we can either light the trainers, the entire background, or just add some accent lighting to the frame to get a little extra touch of color.