March 27, 2020

Austin Work Mixes: Heather Grass

3rd + Lamar

We’re speaking to Austin locals to discover their favorite work mixes. What do you rock out to when it’s time to get shit done? Send us your playlist at [email protected].

3rd & Lamar co-founder Heather Grass
If Grass could tour with one band, it’d be Houndmouth.

Our co-founder Heather Grass is such a music lover that she and her friends in Plano launched a music magazine in high school.

“We interviewed musicians from all over the country,” Grass said. “We launched a website and printed copies of the content to distribute at school. We set up Paypal on the site to pay for the cost of printing. The magazine was called, ‘Making U Think.’ I didn’t realize that would be my beginning in online media.”

Grass serves as the head of agency for 3rd & Lamar Media, and she’s a 2009 graduate of the University of Texas. She resides a few miles north of downtown Austin with her husband, Tyler, and three kids.

“My playlist has a little bit of everything to power through the day-to-day,” she said. “I like bouncing between genres. I need consistent variety, or I’ll get bored while I work.”

Below is her go-to music playlist when it’s time to crank out pay-per-click campaigns, reporting, and other miscellaneous agency work.