March 16, 2020

Austin Work Mixes: Liz M.

3rd + Lamar
Liz Moskowitz Photo

We’re speaking to Austin locals to discover their favorite work mixes. What do you rock out to when it’s time to get shit done? Send us your playlist at [email protected].

Liz is a friend of 3rd & Lamar and one of our favorite Austin photographers and filmmakers. Originally from New York, she attended UT and decided to stick around. Her specialty is visual storytelling for cause-driven organizations.

When Liz isn’t running around town working on projects, she’s editing, emailing, and getting work done in front of a screen. Her go-to music playlist features songs that energize her when she’s feeling sluggish.

“If it’s upbeat and catchy, it’ll do the trick,” she says. “It’s the equivalent of an aural espresso shot.”