March 18, 2020

Austin Work Mixes: Nick Schenck

3rd + Lamar
3rd & Lamar co-founder Nick Schenck

We’re speaking to Austin locals to discover their favorite work mixes. What do you rock out to when it’s time to get shit done? Send us your playlist at [email protected].

Nick Schenck is the co-founder of 3rd & Lamar and is obsessed with music. As an adolescent, he saw Nine Inch Nails live seven times. Yet not one song in his work playlist is sung by Trent Reznor. What’s up with that?

3rd & Lamar co-founder Nick Schenck
If he’s working at night, Schenck listens to The Midnight.

“I’ve graduated from my angry teenage years,” Schenck said. “My palette has changed a bit, but I still appreciate Nine Inch Nails. I gravitate toward mellow beats with bass and heavy synth right now. That’s just what I seem to go back to when I need to focus on work.”

In college, Schenck found a way to listen to his favorite bands and get paid for it. He worked for Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) in the trenches between the crowd and the stage at the Vans Warped Tour outside the L.A. Coliseum.

“It was sweaty, and I actually didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought,” he said. “I remember the bands ragging on security for trying to pull down crowd surfers. But that’s what we were paid to do.”

Below is Schenck’s favorite playlist when he’s in work mode.