October 1, 2021

Case Study: Behind The Scenes Of Your Mom’s House

Molly Jo Molloy

Some of our most challenging and exciting work is planning and filming large-scale productions. It’s a bonus when we can collaborate with creators who are pioneering a new content format.

In September, we produced a multi-cam livestream for the popular comedy podcast Your Mom’s House. We spent nearly two weeks planning and preparing for the stream in front of a live audience. This process included architecting the setup, acquiring A/V equipment, hiring crew, and collaborating with the client’s director and producer.


Your Mom’s House is hosted by married comedians Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura, and the show has a global following with more than 1 million YouTube subscribers. The podcast has been running since 2011, and it’s featured numerous entertainers like Joe Rogan, Marc Maron, Bill Burr, Judd Apatow, and Dr. Drew. 

Christina and Tom riff off of a selection of Internet clips in every episode, but their ticketed live shows give audiences even more to experience. The podcast’s live audience recordings are well-known for being larger-than-life, featuring spectacles you won’t see anywhere else. In part, this is because what you see behind the closed doors of their venues is not shown on platforms like YouTube or Facebook.


Enny, the technical director and line producer at YMH Studios, and Nadav Itzkowitz, a producer at YMH Studios, contacted us weeks before the Sept. 22 event with a vision for the livestream, including the talent, run-of-show, and programming.

It was our job to present and execute an engineering and A/V solution for a six-camera live show that would allow them to focus all of their energy on producing. We wanted to make the technical work turnkey, and this included redundant recordings of all ISO cameras and the program output. We also integrated a massive in-house projector and DJ backline into the workflow.

Your Mom’s House 6 featured a mariachi band and a freak show, as well as content kept secret even to our crew until it happened onstage. All of this was taking place at a near-capacity Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin.


“Big shoutout to 3rd + Lamar for all their hard work last night! If you need live production done in TeXas, can’t go wrong with these guys!”
-Enny, technical director and line producer, YMH Studios

We had 13 days to prepare for the livestream. To set our plan in motion, we gathered details about the client’s needs and then built a video and audio plot for the show (see below). We also sourced all of the equipment and hardware for the setup.

In the final days leading up to the show, we put our plans in action, managing equipment rentals and testing the plot.

We brought a crew of 7 people to make sure things went off without a hitch:

  • Director of Photography
  • Engineer-In-Charge
  • Sound Engineer
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Digital Information Technician
  • Camera Utility
  • Production Assistant


The intensive prep work paid off. For showtime, we streamed the content to a global audience that watched live via pay-per-view on the Your Mom’s House website. To add to the excitement, we needed to move out of the venue and transfer all of the data to the client 90 minutes post-show (after it took us seven hours for set-up)!

Check out the full replay below.

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