Cam The Tastemaker
Credit: Lorenzo Marez

Cover Charge: Cam The Tastemaker Discusses

Identifying promising artists before they become mainstream is Cam The Tastemaker’s talent. Now, he’s turning that into a business that is changing the traditional music model.

Cam Turney (aka Cam The Tastemaker) is an Austin entrepreneur who launched to help artists build thriving businesses around their music. It’s a new model that is catching on with musicians who are tired of chasing record deals and selling the rights to their music.

Cam The Tastemaker. Photo credit: Lorenzo Marez

In this episode, he explains his business and how he cultivated his talent as a music tastemaker. He also names the Top 3 artists in Austin and how he feels about Austin as a home for musicians.

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Cover Charge: Episode 11 Transcript

Nick Schenck: [00:00:00] What’s up everyone? This is Nick Schenck, host of the Cover Charge podcast. Our guest this episode is Cam Turney, AKA Cam The Tastemaker. What’s up Cam? Thanks a lot for joining.

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