Cover Charge: Curcuma founder Rachel Musquiz

Learn the growing pains and thrills of launching a food truck business from the founder of Austin-based Curcuma.
Rachel Musquiz
Curcuma founder Rachel Musquiz. Courtesy of Rachel Musquiz.

Thanks to inspiration from a prickly pear cactus, former Vanity Fair producer Rachel Musquiz moved to Austin in 2016 after a stint as a chef at an artist’s residency in Abruzzo, Italy.

Without a clear plan for her future, Musquiz stumbled upon a food truck on South 1st St. and bought it for $13,000.

Two weeks later, she launched Curcuma, a food truck, which later led to a plant-based product line called Luna Fixa.

Hear from Musquiz on her approach to business, her philosophy on food, why she thinks Austin is great for entrepreneurs, and more.

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Cover Charge: Episode 7 Transcript

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