Cover Charge: Executive Coach Scott McElroy Opens Up

Austin entrepreneur Scott McElroy is growing his business helping men solve unhealed trauma that affects their lives and careers.
Cover Charge Podcast

Adoption, grief, self-sabotage, an unexpected pregnancy, a failed business venture, depression, self-acceptance, entrepreneurship, and gratitude.

Scott McElroy, an Austin-based executive and life coach, shares intimate details of his life to explain the path that led him to begin a new business helping other men heal. A self-described rebel practitioner, McElroy came to terms with his own personal trauma, but not before it wreaked havoc on his life, friends, and family.

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Cover Charge: Episode 2 Transcript

Nick Schenck: [00:00:00] What’s up, everyone? This is Nick Schenck, the host of the “Cover Charge” podcast. I’m here with Scott McElroy, my good friend and executive coach. Thanks Scott for joining.

[00:00:10] Scott McElroy: What’s going on, Nick? How are you doing?

[00:00:11] Nick Schenck: Doing pretty well, man. Doing pretty well.

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