March 29, 2023

How We Produced A Branded Podcast Series For Restore Hyper Wellness

3rd + Lamar

The growth in podcast consumption has driven a surge of interest in podcast production from both individual creators and brands.

In 2022, Restore Hyper Wellness® approached us to produce the first season of its podcast series, 9 Elements with Eric Hinman. Restore is a wellness services company based in Austin with more than 200 locations across the U.S. The company specializes in cryotherapy, infrared sauna, red light therapy, and compression.

Restore’s podcast is hosted by five-time Ironman Eric Hinman, and features experts from the fitness, health, and wellness industries who discuss how they incorporate the nine elements of Hyper Wellness® into their lives.

Inside The Production Of 9 Elements

Restore requested audio and video podcast episodes that it would distribute across standard listening channels (i.e. Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.) and YouTube.

The idea was for Hinman to interview guests remotely from separate locations. Restore needed a branded, animated intro bumper for the series, as well as closed captions, lower-third/title graphics, and exceptional picture quality and audio clarity.

In addition, Restore wanted to append product reads from Hinman to the middle and end of each episode as a call-to-action to drive listeners to Restore locations for treatments. (Example: Get 20% off your first Restore service with the code: Elements20)

To record the podcast, we chose, a turnkey podcast software that provides elevated production quality and up to 4K resolution. It’s a software tailored for hi-fidelity podcast recording, which is why we prefer it to other options like Zoom.

Our technical director, Brent Klein, joined each episode to record the content, play the role of moderator for the host and guests, and live switch the show to expedite post-production efforts.

In post-production, we created the custom bumper with music and motion graphics, and we added branded lower-thirds to introduce each speaker. We incorporated Hinman’s intros to each episode and added reads from Hinman to activate the audience. We also transcribed the audio to add closed captioning to the video episodes.

Check Out 9 Elements With Eric Hinman

Restore debuted Season 1 in January, releasing episodes on a weekly basis. Check out Episode 1 of 9 Elements With Eric Hinman below. 

Big props to our producer, Tony Stolfa, technical director Brent Klein, as well as our post supervisor Michael Zumaya, for their help on this project. And we’re grateful to Hinman and everyone at Restore for being great partners in spearheading this project.

“Partnering with 3rd + Lamar allowed Restore to focus on the creative end goal without worrying about any elements of the podcast production process. They consistently went the extra mile to elevate production and help us turn our vision for the 9 Elements podcast into a reality, and we’re incredibly pleased with the final product and reception we’ve gotten from our audience. “Additionally, Brent (Klein) basically let his car get towed during an episode and refused to shut down the production. That’s dedication!”
-Brian Tunney, Restore Hyper Wellness’ Senior Manager of Content

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