June 30, 2022

Case Study: Showcasing Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch

3rd + Lamar

There are only so many adjectives to describe premium beverages. At a certain point, words don’t do them justice.

Recently, we gathered our most creative minds to build a treatment for Glenfarclas, a world-renowned, family-owned distillery in Scotland that produces single malt scotch whisky. Over the course of a day inside our studio, we filmed this spec commercial. Below, we take you behind-the-scenes on our process.

The Making Of The Glenfarclas Spec Commercial

Our crew consisted of four people.

  • Ari Morales (DP/Motion Control Operator)
  • McCoy Patterson (PA/Lighting)
  • Frankie Pike (BTS photographer/PA/copywriter)
  • Keila Martinez (BTS/hand model)

For equipment, we utilized the following gear:

  • RED camera
  • Cinema robot (a.k.a. Norabot, which is named after Ari’s daughter)
  • Lens: Sigma cine 18-35/T2
  • Lens filters: SoftFX 1 & 2
  • Lights: Forza 300 LED, Nanlite 4’ Pavotube LED lights

Our goal was to build a warm, sexy, and inviting aesthetic and make the bottle of Glenfarclas appear larger than life. We used the SoftFX filters to create a background glow for a vintage look. As a prop to place the bottle, we bought a used Jack Daniels whiskey barrel. 

The cinema robot allowed us to choreograph sweeping hero shots from multiple angles, and this helped accentuate the bottle, label, and scotch pour. The pour was filmed at 240fps on the RED to allow the audience to savor the moment. Finally, the dramatic strings music builds some momentum for the video, and the Scottish voiceover lends some authenticity to the final edit.

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