October 3, 2022

Dial It Back For Creative Inspiration

Nick Schenck

The creative zone, where ideas flow and inspiration seems limitless, is an incredible place to be.

Too bad it’s fleeting, and recapturing that rush is elusive.

So we’re here to share one of our tricks to keeping that creative well from going dry.

The Power Of Nostalgia In Marketing

There’s something intoxicating about an image, song, or video that captures a moment in time when you felt something unforgettable.

This is why nostalgia is such a powerful emotion and so effective in marketing.

As the cliché goes, people won’t necessarily remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

Revisiting content and creative from decades ago helps us clear our minds, hit reset, and adjust our train of thought.

Below is a list of sources and references that we tap for entertainment (yes, we’re stuck in the ’80s) and to avoid creative ruts.

  • AIGA: Browsing this post is like wrapping yourself in a warm 80s blanket.
  • Neon Talk: This is probably the Internet’s top repository for ’80s and early ’90s aesthetics.
  • Concept Talk: For fans of retro CPG brands, this is the spot.
  • VHS80s: There’s something captivating about vintage art that depicts the future.
  • History Vids: The Twitter bio says: “Educating through memes.”
  • Timeless Sports: Photos, ads, highlights, and interviews from (mostly) pre-Internet days.
  • History of Action: Clips, scenes, and cinematography from the glory days of action film.

Staff Picks

Below is a curated list of our favorite posts from recent memory. No commentary necessary. Enjoy!