April 10, 2020

The National Bureau of Product Research: Austin Streetwear Meets NASA

3rd + Lamar
Edwin In The Kitchen

We toured the home office of Ryan Britton, founder and CEO of Austin-based fashion label The National Bureau of Product Research. See below for photos of Britton’s workspace and shots from our filming, and click here to watch the ORIGINALS episode with The National Bureau.

Britton often prints motivational messages and tapes them to his office wall.

That goes back to working by myself. If you have a colleague or somebody there that’s part of what (you) do, even if it’s not something that is openly acknowledged on a daily basis, you lift each other up. I just use the quotes to fill that void.

-Ryan Britton, founder, The National Bureau of Product Research

To separate himself from the brand, Britton developed the character of Edwin, a Dutch rabbit who Britton refers to as the “patron saint of pointless miracles.” After ingratiating himself to the furry community to find a professional who could design a realistic bunny mask, Britton picked up the mask in Wisconsin in December 2019.

Britton draws inspiration from the Canadian country artist Orville Peck, who also conceals his identity behind a mask.