June 20, 2024

Top Videos for Paid Social Campaigns

3rd + Lamar

Struggling to get out of a creative rut? Browse some of our favorite videos for paid social that we’ve developed for clients across CPG, e-commerce, and more. We’ve split up the ads by two core objectives.

Direct Response 

Renée Rouleau Skincare

Some of the top-performing social videos are those that combine high production value in a studio setting with the authenticity of UGC. As viewers learn about the benefits of Renée Rouleau Skincare’s new product from the founder, they’re met with instant validation from people using the product. Learn more.

Uncommon Beauty 

Uncommon Beauty is a brand whose mission is to promote vegan and cruelty-free skincare and empower customers. The aspirational “New Year, New Skincare” concept, stunning product visuals, and compelling voiceover made for one of our favorite UGC product reviews to date.

C4 Energy

C4 x WWE’S collaboration was a special project for us – we sought to embody the powerful performance of C4 and the iconic visual elements of WWE through a set designed by our team. Paired with key product messaging, this dynamic display captured the essence of an exciting product launch. Learn more.


During the frenzy surrounding NCAA bracket predictions and March Madness watch parties, we developed our own Top Flavor bracket to promote Whataburger’s new WhataWings. By putting flavors head-to-head and associating them with beloved college teams, this UGC TikTok concept piqued the interest of tourney fans and foodies alike. Learn more.



Riding the wave of Max Holloway’s UFC 300 win, we produced a brand testimonial that his fans would appreciate. Paired with high energy training footage as b-roll, the video introduces Sanabul and speaks to the brand’s values.

Siete Foods

With a brand image deeply rooted in Mexican-American culture, this Siete Foods ad is a prime example of how playful storytelling and mindful set design can take a simple product display ad to the next level. Learn more.


Our team loves inserting our clients into platform trends, especially in clever and lighthearted ways. At the time we published this ad, you couldn’t scroll twice on TikTok without seeing this trend, making it the perfect vehicle to bring awareness to Panera’s Unlimited Sip Club promotion.


As any savvy media buyer knows, short and seemingly simple videos are often the secret to a high-performing awareness campaign on Meta. Our cinema robot allowed us to seamlessly direct viewers’ eyes up the stacking products, emphasizing the wide product range of MUSH oats. Learn more.

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