April 29, 2024

C4 Ultimate Energy™ x WWE® Energy Drink Social Ad

Frankie Pike

Last year, energy drink brand C4 teamed up with WWE to unleash a new flavor: C4 Ultimate Energy™ x WWE®. C4 hired 3rd + Lamar to bring the collaboration to life in a video concept inspired by WWE’s “Money in the Bank” ladder match competition, where wrestlers vie for a briefcase containing a championship contract.

In an effort to marry two powerhouse brands, our talented art department built a wrestling ring and utilized a combination of robot and motion capture technology to embody the fusion of athleticism, entertainment, and caffeine. We also added sound effects to bring the audience closer to the action.

The result was a series of product shots that encapsulated the spirit of WWE.

Production Crew

Executive Producer: Tony Stolfa
Producer/1st AD: Michael Zumaya
PA: Tanner Reid Powell
DIT Utility: Tyler Gorrell
Gaffer: Colton Willie
Key Grip: Dan Leonard
Production Designer: Paola Cortés-Manthey
Art PA: Heather Schalin
DP: David Wells
Special Equipment Operator: Ari Morales
Stills Photographer: Marshall Tidrick

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