Cover Charge: Filmmaker David Blue Garcia

Director David Blue Garcia is one of Austin’s top filmmakers. He shares how his film, “Tejano,” sold to HBO and much more.
Cover Charge Podcast

It sounds like a fairy tale.

Small-town boy from Harlingen, Texas, moves to Austin to study film at UT. He graduates and becomes one of the city’s top cinematographers thanks in part to a serendipitous tweet from Lance Armstrong. Meanwhile, he saves money over many years to put toward his first feature film, Tejano, which he sells to HBO.

For David Blue Garcia, this is his life. We spoke to the talented filmmaker about his career and upbringing, the business of film production, and what it felt like to gain distribution on HBO. Garcia also explains why he thinks Austin is no longer a great city for artists.

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Cover Charge: Episode 6 Transcript

Nick Schenck: [00:03:11] What’s up everyone? Thanks a lot for joining the latest episode of the “Cover Charge” podcast. This week’s guest is David Blue Garcia. David, what’s up?

David Blue Garcia: [00:03:21] Thanks for using all three names. I appreciate that.

Nick Schenck: [00:03:24] I was going to ask you about that.

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