May 28, 2020

We Are Hiring Two Roles

Nick Schenck

My morning coffee buzz barely hit when I received a message from a friend recently.

“What a great time to start a new business (not)!”

I cracked a smile. I love it when people keep it real.

We launched 3rd & Lamar less than a year ago. There have been moments of elation like I’ve never felt in my career. There have also been “holy shit!” moments like the day we learned SXSW was canceled. Along the way, our clients have inspired us and we’ve learned a lot. Fortunately, we have grown enough to the point where we are adding some people.

Today we posted job descriptions for a digital marketing specialist and a business development representative. These are both contract positions that offer a lot of flexibility. The main prerequisite for both roles is you have to love content and media. That is our foundation, and everything we pursue stems from that passion for creating media and finding ways to use content to solve business problems.

The companies we work with do not settle for the status quo, and they are forging ahead boldly in the face of much uncertainty. If helping these types of businesses motivates you, let’s talk.

-Nick Schenck, 3rd & Lamar co-founder & CEO