Cover Charge: RESTART CBD CEO Shayda Torabi

A serious car accident motivated an early WP Engine employee to follow her passion for cannabis and start a high-growth CBD brand.
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When you walk into the RESTART CBD retail store located near The Domain, you immediately notice the thick smell of marijuana. In a glass display case, there are rolled-up joints, along with shelves of other products like oils, edibles, tinctures, and smoking devices.

Each of the approximately 50 products sourced by RESTART CBD contains 0.3% THC or less, which is the legal threshold in Texas to sell and purchase cannabis. Yet the retail experience is designed to mimic the best aspects of the more than 50 marijuana dispensaries that RESTART CBD co-founder and CEO Shayda Torabi has visited around the world.

We spoke to Torabi about her business, her prior professional life at WP Engine, what she earns as a social media food influencer, and her efforts to destigmatize marijuana.

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Cover Charge: Episode 5 Transcript

Nick Schenck: [00:00:00] I want to kick off this podcast by just reading a caption from a post that you published on your Instagram account a few days ago. “I grew up watching Weeds, dreaming of being Nancy Botwin, trying to figure out how a Texas girl was going to get into cannabis. And now I’m very living proof that dream big enough and anything is possible.”

So explain that caption and how you went from dreaming of this career to, I believe, in 2019 you were named Texas Cannabis Queen.

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