April 28, 2020

Don’t Expect Robert Reeves To Tone Things Down

3rd + Lamar
Robert Reeves Austin Skyline

Below is another excerpt from our wide-ranging interview with outspoken Austin entrepreneur Robert Reeves.

The co-founder and CTO at Datical previously co-founded software company Phurnace, which was acquired by BMC Software. In this portion of our conversation, Reeves explains why he dresses casually and why he ignores people who tell him to tone it down.

“I just nod my head and smile and just ignore it, and do what I’m going to do.”

Other notable moments from our discussion include:

  • Reeves comparing the Bay Area with Austin: “That conformity that we have in Silicon Valley, yeah, we don’t do that here, because we pay attention to the important stuff.”

  • Reeves’ feelings on starting companies: “Even if it tanks, even if the company folds, you gotta shut it down, unwind it, you will have learned so much that you’re going to outpace everybody else in corporate America.”