June 8, 2022

Recapping Our Production Studio Open House

3rd + Lamar

Last week, we invited friends and colleagues to our new, 1,600-square-foot production studio.

We didn’t want it to just be a run-of-the-mill open house, though, so we set up a red carpet-style glam bot and invited local vendors.

Studio Director Ari Morales operated two synchronized robots—one holding the camera and one holding a light in the background—to add dimension and make our guests glow. He also set up tube lights against our black walls.

SXSE Food Co. catered out of their food truck. Ryan Britton of The National Bureau of Product Research, a local streetwear fashion brand, set up a pop-up showcase.

Co-Founder Tony Stolfa made his secret recipe margarita, rebranded the “3rd + LaMargarita,” and a local bartender kept the drinks flowing.

Guests received high-quality footage of themselves the next morning.

We’re grateful to everyone who came out. Get an invite to our next party by joining the newsletter list on our site or by joining our private Facebook group.