February 23, 2023

Top AI Tools For Content Creators

Frankie Pike

Generative AI tools are making headlines everywhere right now.

You’re probably already familiar with AI tools like Grammarly, Yoast SEO, Hootsuite, and Hubspot. But large language models and generative tools like ChatGPT are new.

These tools offer a wide range of capabilities that can help you elevate your content creation. From image generation to personalized ad copywriting, these tools can help you save time and improve the quality of your work.

These are the generative AI tools worth adding to your toolbox that you may not know about yet.

AI For Copywriting

Jasper is the best known AI-powered copywriting system. It was previously named Jarvis, after Iron Man’s virtual assistant, but Marvel sent them a cease and desist—hence the rebrand.

Jasper can write SEO-optimized website content (with a Surfer SEO plugin), ad copy, emails, Amazon listings, and more. It’s able to write in and translate to more than 25 languages, and its creators say it passes plagiarism tests with 99.99% original content.

Persado uses AI to create personalized marketing messages for each user. This is hyper personalized copy that predicts motivations on an individual basis.

According to its creators, Persado-generated language outperforms the best human copy 96 percent of the time.

AI For Images And Video

Runway offers text-to-image generation, text to 3D texture, animation, video editing, and more. It’s also great for collaboration.

Synthesia is the no. 1 rated text-to-video generation platform. It is available in 120 languages and comes with over 100 AI avatar actors.

We created this 14-second video using Synthesia and one of its avatars.

There are many more AI tools available, including those in the following graphic by private equity firm Base 10.

While AI tools can be massively helpful, truly high-quality content requires some human touch. Additionally, many of these platforms are still young and fallible, so be sure to double-check AI-generated content before releasing it into the world.

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