September 10, 2020

Deep Dive With Beardbrand

3rd + Lamar
Eric Bandholz Shark Tank

In our wide-ranging interview with Beardbrand co-founders Eric Bandholz and Lindsey Reinders, they share their insights on brand building and discuss topics including:

  • Their process for hiring
  • Which metrics they focus on
  • How they sell wholesale via Target
  • Why they emphasize quarterly strategy sessions
  • Customer acquisition channels and methods
  • Dealing with haters and trolls
  • Building a Beardbrand Alliance Membership

Watch the ORIGINALS episode with Beardbrand, and then subscribe or log-in below to view these separate video excerpts. Here’s the ORIGINALS trailer.

ORIGINALS: Beardbrand (Trailer)


On Dealing With Haters And Trolls

Why Quarterly Strategy Sessions Are Critical

The Target Story: Brand vs. Channel

On Why Beardbrand’s 4th Co-Founder Left

On Starting And Killing New Ideas

The Purpose Of The Book Of Reminders

How Beardbrand Acquires Customers

Beardbrand vs. The Competition

Beardbrand’s Hiring Framework

Beardbrand Customer Demos And Metrics

Content And Separating Beardbrand From Eric Bandholz

Beardbrand Office Tour

Creating A Beardbrand Alliance Membership


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