How To Approach Ad Tracking With No Dev Resources

To isolate paid performance and gain clarity on how your ad dollars are performing, we recommend establishing baselines, adding UTM parameters, using Google Trends and Google Tag Manager, and tracking traffic fluctuations. Here’s how.

Case Study: Creating Trending TikToks

Winning on TikTok requires a unique approach. You can’t just rinse-and-repeat content from other platforms. We illustrate our process in this breakdown featuring a variety of consumer products and brands.

Case Study: LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation At Scale

As part of our ad agency, we help companies acquire business leads online. In this article, we explain a recent lead generation program that we devised and executed for a high-growth recruiting and tech consulting firm.

Case Study: Scaling Facebook And Instagram Ads

With limited bandwidth and in-house expertise, QuickStart contacted 3rd + Lamar to develop a comprehensive paid social media strategy that would scale their program. We increased their impressions 213 percent.