February 25, 2021

Case Study: Scaling eCommerce Using Facebook And Instagram Ads

3rd + Lamar

We work with a variety of direct-to-consumer brands and e-commerce companies to help them grow sales online through a variety of ad channels.

Below, we explain a recent eCommerce expansion that we devised and executed for Musée Beauty (now Jemme Beauty), an Austin-based makeup brand specializing in vegan and cruelty-free eyeshadow palettes, lip products, and cream blushes.


We began working with Musée Beauty in 2020 on a social-centric growth strategy to fuel their product sales.

The founders of Musée Beauty believe that inspiration for makeup can be found throughout art history. Musée Beauty is working to create a community of creators, disruptors, and visionaries to help them change the perception of makeup.


Since Musée Beauty’s inception, the majority of its sales have come from repeat customers and promotions from influencers. The founders wanted to acquire new customers through paid efforts to see if these channels would scale efficiently. 

Prior to our engagement, Musée Beauty ran several sponsored posts on Facebook with limited success. Musée Beauty asked for our help starting before the holiday season to promote their products and drive sales.


“3rd & Lamar created our Facebook and Instagram ads strategy from the ground up, and we’ve seen immediate, positive results. Their ability to work within our brand guidelines to generate sales from net new customers at strong efficiencies has been really encouraging.”

Reena Bhikha, Co-Founder Musée Beauty

We hypothesized that a more art-forward approach would yield stronger results for Musée Beauty, so we created several ads for Facebook and Instagram based on their branding guidelines. We also launched a carousel ad to showcase a variety of their products.

In addition, we built upper-funnel prospecting audiences, including an interests-based audience to target makeup enthusiasts and people in the fashion/beauty community. We knew that these audiences were squarely in Musée Beauty’s target market because they had an affinity for similar products, yet they may not be aware of Musée Beauty’s unique product offering. 


Musée Beauty’s new Facebook and Instagram efforts outperformed their previous advertising efforts across all meaningful metrics:

  • Purchase volume increased by 369%
  • Avg. CPA declined by 69%
  • Avg. purchase conversion rate improved by 229%
  • Avg. AOV increased by 12%
  • Avg. ROAS improved by 265%

In addition, the ratio of sales from new customers compared to existing customers shifted in the months since the new ad campaigns launched, which achieved Musée Beauty’s stated goal of expanding their customer base. In December, Musée Beauty grew their lifetime value customer list by 53%.

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