September 22, 2022

Case Study: Video Assets To Support Growing E-Commerce Brands

3rd + Lamar

Online shopping took off in the early stages of the pandemic, with global retail e-commerce sales reaching $4.9 trillion in 2021, according to eMarketer. Although in-person retail sales have rebounded this year, eMarketer predicts e-commerce will account for a record 21 percent of total global retail sales in 2022.

Recently, we partnered with Profound Commerce, an Austin-based brand holding company, to support several of its consumer-facing brands with video content.


Founded in 2018, Profound Commerce raised $53 million in financing in 2021 to acquire and scale a portfolio of online brands both on Amazon and through its own sites. 

The company currently operates ColorIt (coloring books for adults), Hudson Durable Goods (premium aprons), Amazin’ Aces (pickleball equipment), and HIKS (standup paddleboards), among several other consumer brands.

Earlier this year, Profound Commerce approached us with a need for a series of videos for these brands as part of a brand refresh project. Below is a rundown of our studio production for ColorIt, Hudson Durable Goods, and Amazin’ Aces, and this is our summary of the HIKS production.


ColorIt, Hudson Durable Goods, and Amazin’ Aces each featured branding that reflected its prior owners, and Profound Commerce wanted to update the brand story and identity for each company. 

In addition, each brand needed new assets for Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos and for direct-to-consumer campaigns across paid and organic social channels.

Since each brand caters to a variety of buyer personas, we had to find ways to incorporate these demos into the videos relative to on-screen talent, voiceover scripts, music, set design, cinematography, etc.


In March, we scheduled a production at our studio for all three brands, and our crew consisted of:

  • Tony Stolfa (Director/DP)
  • Ari Morales (Motion Control Operator)
  • Michael Zumaya (Creative Director)
  • Nick Schenck (Producer)
  • Frankie Pike (Production Coordinator)
  • Jennell Lewis (Talent for ColorIt)
  • Celeste Schenck (Talent for ColorIt)
  • Chase Long (Talent for Hudson Durable Goods)
  • Olivia Frierson (Hair & Makeup)
  • Kim Davis (Photographer) 
  • Austin Lorenzen (BTS video)

To capture hero shots as well as repeatable and dynamic footage of the talent and products, we utilized our cinema robot in each scene. In addition, we placed the Sony FS7 camera on a Dana Dolly for additional movement and to provide a handheld feel for the b-roll. Below is a list of equipment we used:

  • Cameras: RED Dragon 6k, Sony FS7 
  • Lens: Sigma 50-100, Sigma 18-35, Tokina 11-20
  • Dana Dolly
  • Lighting: Aputure Nova 300, Nanlite 300-Watt LEDs 

We also fabricated unique sets for each brand, including garage/workshop and kitchen scenes for Hudson Durable Goods, an adjustable drafting table with a magenta backdrop for ColorIt, and tiered tabletops and backdrops for Amazin’ Aces. We used a butcher block, power tools, a knife set, shelving, and other assorted props to create vivid scenes.

In post-production, we found voiceover artists and music to match the creative brief that Profound Commerce provided.

“3rd + Lamar is excellent at taking a vision, conceptualizing it, and then executing at an extremely high standard. Their production studio offered a lot of flexibility, and we’re thrilled with the content.”

-Nirav Bhagat, CMO and Co-Founder, Profound Commerce


Below are the final edits, which include separate brand videos for Hudson Durable Goods (kitchen/workshop), a brand video and a variety of social edits for ColorIt, and a product-centric brand video for Amazin’ Aces. We provided edits in several aspect ratios to help Profound Commerce maximize usage of the content.

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