November 9, 2022

The Benefits Of Filming Podcasts

Frankie Pike

Recently, we began filming recruitAbility’s “Nothing’s Sacred” podcast at our studio in Austin.

We’ve produced the audio version of the podcast since 2020, but we began filming each episode to bring listeners closer to the conversation and amplify the content to reach an even wider audience.


recruitAbility is a leading recruitment firm that specializes in direct and contract hires and helps businesses nationwide with employee engagement and retention strategy. Nad Elias, the founder and CEO of recruitAbility, co-hosts the podcast along with our co-founder and CEO, Nick Schenck.

The purpose of recruitAbility’s “Nothing’s Sacred” podcast is to discuss the trends, innovations, and developments that influence how companies hire, train, develop, and retain their employees. 


The advantage of filming podcasts, in addition to recording audio episodes, is that it’s easier to maximize the content and grow listenership and viewership with videos.

It’s possible to create and distribute teaser videos with audio soundbites, but on average, the same video content would reach a larger audience and generate more engagement across social media. Beyond that, giving podcast listeners the option to watch the video of each episode allows them to get closer to the content. That is to say, when people can follow a conversation by reading body language and facial expressions, it gives them additional context.

Separately, video podcasts provide hosts the option to do product placements and invest in set design that can reinforce the branding, creating more memorable (and valuable) programming.

Our Approach To Video Podcasts

In the first filmed episode for recruitAbility, Nate Little, co-founder of SchoolAdmin (acquired by Finalsite), discussed the challenges and triumphs he faced as he scaled and ultimately sold his business.

In the second filmed episode, Eric Dunigan, president and co-founder of Arrive Logistics, discussed growing the company from one location to $2.5 billion in revenue.

To produce these episodes, we used a small crew of our best and brightest:

  • Audio Engineer: Ari Morales
  • Producer/Technical Director: Tony Stolfa
  • Editor: Michael Zumaya

We used the following equipment in the production.

  • Cameras: Two Blackmagic pocket 4k cinema cameras and a Sony FS7 to capture a wide shot with all guests.
  • Key lights: Forza 300 (x3)
  • Backlights: Aputure Nova p300c softbox (x2)
  • Accent lights: Nanlite pavotubes (x3)
  • Other: Mics, pop filters, stands, digital audio recorder, computer with audio software

We did a line cut in real-time to save time in post-production. Our set design consisted of:

  • To add texture, we built the palettes hanging in the background in front of the infinite black wall
  • Used the blue lights to match the branding of recruitAbility
  • Added a midcentury modern coffee table with records and black leather chairs
  • Incorporated Nanlite pavotubes for accent lighting


Teaser for episode featuring Eric Dunigan

Scroll below to watch and listen to the episodes. You can also listen to the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher.

Listen to past episodes here.

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