August 25, 2020

Project: 3rd & Lamar’s Rooftop Live

Nick Schenck

We continue to invest heavily in our live production capabilities.

3rd & Lamar – the segment of our business that covers Austin business subculture and music – introduced a virtual concert series last month, and our production house is responsible for all aspects of the live stream from Inn Cahoots.

Below are photos from 3rd & Lamar’s Rooftop Live on Aug. 20 featuring Eimaral Sol, Jake Lloyd, and Kydd Jones. Huge thanks to all of the production crew members who contributed to this event.

Filming: We shot the event in 4k Ultra HD and streamed in 1080p.

Cameras: We utilized three cameras for the live stream – a center camera on a motorized dolly, as well as a wireless roving camera, and a stationary camera. We also used a drone camera to capture aerial shots.

Set dressing: We used light panels and fluorescent tubing to light up the stage and performers.

The full live stream replay is available to 3rd & Lamar subscribers.

Photos courtesy of Lorenzo Marez.

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