December 18, 2020

Project: Meritize

Nick Schenck

Meritize is a fast-growing financial services company whose mission is to provide awareness, access, and advancement in the skills-based learning space.

Based in Frisco, Texas, Meritize contacted us earlier this year to produce a brand video to help explain the company’s mission and innovative approach to funding skills-based education. We also work with Meritize to manage their paid media budget.

Project Overview

Put simply, Meritize connects people who seek new skills to the providers of those skills and to the employers who need these skills. Beyond linking these three stakeholders, Meritize also is a lender that funds students’ educations in these skills-based programs by evaluating a variety of criteria beyond a credit score.

For the video, we interviewed Meritize co-founders Chris Keaveney (CEO) and Phillip Stegner (Chief Risk Officer) to learn about their inspiration for starting the company and their passion for helping students change the trajectory of their careers.

The goal for this project is to use the brand video to build awareness for Meritize among a variety of audiences (i.e. students, schools, employers, investors, and prospective employees). Meritize plans to use the video organically on their website and social media channels, and we’re using the video to generate leads for Meritize in ads across Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Production Crew

Big shout-out to the participating crew members for facilitating this project.

Gaffer: Peter Klemek
Sound Engineer: Richard Hamilton
AC: Ari Morales
Operations: Heather Grass
Talent: Chris Keaveney, Phillip Stegner (Meritize founders)
Director/DP: Tony Stolfa
Production Company: 3rd & Lamar Media
Client: Meritize
Producers: Greg Ferdinand, Trevor Alaniz, Nick Schenck
Post-Production + Color: BL&S