January 12, 2020

Official Selections For Cari Q’s “Byzantium” Video

Tony Stolfa

One of our favorite projects last year was producing and directing the music video for, “Byzantium,” a single from Cari Quoyeser (aka Cari Q),  an indie rock singer, songwriter, and performer who lives in Ireland.

This is a running list of the awards that the Byzantium video has been nominated for:

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Director & Producer: Tony Stolfa (co-founder of 3rd + Lamar)
Director of Photography: Tyler Gorrell
Editors: Nicki Prian, Tyler Gorrell, Tony Stolfa
Writers: Adam Gorrell and Tony Stolfa
Talent Scout & Choreography: Jennell Lewis
Art Department: Justin Leblanc
Dancer: Iriyana Lipkin
Cari Q: Played by herself
Cari Q’s Mother: Stephanie Rose
Young Cari Q: Jayna Lipkin
Cari’s Father: Colton Rose