August 4, 2022

Case Study: Filming Williams Fire’s Xtreme Industrial Fire & Hazard Training

Frankie Pike

This shoot was fire—in more ways than one.

In June, Williams Fire & Hazard Control hired us to film their 2022 “Xtreme Industrial Fire & Hazard Training,” where the Williams Fire & Hazard Control response team teaches advanced firefighters how to up their game against the most dangerous fires. The following crew joined us for five days of filming in College Station.

Tony Stolfa: Director/Producer
Michael Zumaya: Editor
Ari Morales: Camera Operator
Brent Klein: Camera Operator
Brock Wordlow: vMix and BTS Photography
Adam Gorrell: Production Assistant

For gear, we brought an FX7, an FX6, and vMix equipment for live streaming.

editing on the fly

We had three key deliverables:

-A recap video to be played at the end of the conference
-Classroom videos of the lessons to be used for further education and for those who could not attend
-An updated advertisement for next year’s training conference

We were in a time crunch with the first deliverable due on the last day of filming, but we pulled through as a team and delivered an action-packed recap video for the conference attendees.

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