December 3, 2020

Case Study: Fit Body App

Nick Schenck

NOTE: Fit Body App is now Bodylura!

Fit Body App is among the world’s most popular female-focused fitness apps, and it’s led by founder and CEO Anna Victoria.

Earlier this year, Fit Body App approached us to produce a campaign around the launch of their new app expansion project, which debuted in November featuring three new trainers with individual programs. You can download the app for your iPhone or Android device.

Project Overview

Fit Body App has a thriving community of more than 1 million fans. The focus of the app and its programming is female empowerment and working out to feel good versus training to achieve a specific body image.

Fit Body App envisioned a video campaign featuring the trainers collectively and individually. Since each trainer has her own specialization, it was important to showcase each of them illustrating their respective workout routines. For the locations, we decided on an industrial/warehouse setting juxtaposed with some day-time exterior shots.

Once the concept and creative treatment was finalized, we coordinated with an Italian production team, who filmed the trainer Martina Sergi in Rome. This portion of the project was directed remotely from Austin.

As part of the production, we constructed a lighting rig, which enabled us to suspend lights and create a high-contrast visual effect. We filmed at Fair Market in East Austin and on the top of the parking garage on 6th & Colorado in Downtown Austin.


This campaign included more than 20 deliverables in a variety of cutdowns and aspect ratios for different platforms. Below is an example of one of the 60-second compilation videos.

Behind The Scenes

All photos courtesy of Thomas Garanzuay.

Production Crew

Many thanks to the cast and crew who participated in this project.

Overall Project

Director/DP: Tony Stolf
Production Company: 3rd & Lamar Media
Client: Fit Body App
Music: APM Sports
Creative Directors: Anna Victoria & Chandler Sosebee
Operations: Gabrielle Hinz & Nick Schenck
Post-Production + Color: BL&S

Austin CreW

Producer/AD: Jennell Renai
Production Designer: Joscelyne Ponder
AC: Brooks Birdsaw
Gaffer: Peter Klemek
Grip: Ivan Salizar
HMUA: Jennifer Cunningham
DIT / Editor: Lauren Sanders
BTS Stills: Thomas Garanzuay
Talent: Anna Victoria, Brittany Lupton, Nicci Robinson

Italian Crew

AD/Producer: Simone Luigi Steffanina
Director of Photography: Luca Esposito
HMUA: Alessio Ferraiuolo
Talent: Martina Sergi