3rd & Lamar: The Story Behind The Name

by Nick Schenck

We are an Austin company, and a frequent question we get about our business is: “Y’all’s office at 3rd & Lamar?”

Fair question. But no, it’s not. Maybe one day.

So what is the story behind our company name? It’s not super profound, but there is some significance to it.

  1. Not following the usual playbook: In addition to our ad agency and production house, we’re launching a site covering Austin business subculture, and we’re taking a different approach than any newspaper, website, or magazine ever has. We’re not copying their content, so we’re not going to copy their names. That’s why we’re not the Austin Business Times or the Austin Business Herald or some derivation.
  2. Downtown is the center of commerce: Downtown Austin is where a lot of action takes place business-wise. 3rd & Lamar is a cross street in the center of downtown Austin. So in that sense, our name is symbolic of our coverage focus.
  3. Other random reasons: We have three co-founders. The .com domain for 3rdandLamar (and ThirdandLamar) was available. The No. 3 is Nick’s lucky number. “Tres” by Pinback is one of our favorite songs. The list goes on 🙂

A Guide To Naming Your Company

After we named the company, we saw this blog post from NFX that talks about the significance of company names. We don’t agree with all of the points, but we’re sharing it in case you’re struggling with the naming process of your company.