July 21, 2023

ChatGPT Answer Success Rate Plummets

Frankie Pike

Between March and June, ChatGPT-4’s answer success rate decreased from 97.6 to 2.4 percent when provided a dataset of 500 math questions.

According to the Stanford University and UC Berkeley study, “the behavior of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 has varied significantly over a relatively short amount of time.”

This could be happening because AI is training on an increasing amount of AI-generated content, causing it to “lose its mind.”

Meanwhile, Google is testing an AI-powered tool that writes news stories. The company has already pitched the tool to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

With AI notorious for its disconnection from factual reality and trust in media at a near all-time low, adding AI to journalism is certainly a choice.

Earlier this year, CNET began publishing AI-generated news articles but later had to correct more than half of the articles due to factual errors and plagiarized material.

As Stacked Marketer aptly put it: “If nothing else, the recent news is a good reminder to be careful about how you use AI—and to pay attention to how your target audience is responding to it.”

Snap Lures Back Creators

Snapchat is trying to bring creators back to its platform by paying them a portion of the ad dollars their content brings in.

This is just part of Snap’s efforts to combat declining sales, but it seems to be working. Several thousand creators have joined the revenue-sharing incentive.

“The money the companies are willing to pay for content reflects creators’ growing power, especially over the past few years, as ordinary users post less on social media,” according to The Wall Street Journal. “Industry experts say it is a byproduct of algorithm changes that give priority to helping users discover new content instead of posts from their friends.”

Other news

  • Twitter’s biggest advertisers have cut spend on the platform by an average of 71 percent in the first half of 2023, according to MediaPost.
  • TikTok released a searchable ad base where you can spy on what other advertisers are doing. Right now, it’s only available for ads running in Europe but stay tuned.
  • Facebook was the first social network to hit 3 billion monthly active users this week.
  • Instagram is testing product tags that would automatically detect products from your catalog. The feature could be particularly useful for e-commerce brands.

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