November 29, 2021

Jake Lloyd’s Star Rising In Austin Music Community

Nick Schenck

Alternative R&B artist Jake Lloyd likes to shatter any preconceived notions you may have about his music.

“You’re going to get a big show,” Lloyd said about his live performances. “You’re going to leave surprised. You’re going to leave hearing some songs you didn’t think we would know. You’re going to leave hearing some songs you wouldn’t expect us to play.”

The Austin native’s stature has risen over the past year, and Lloyd boasts a unique style that spans a few different genres: soul, R&B, rock, hip-hop. He’s excited to put his entire repertoire on display Dec. 2 at 3rd & Lamar’s Rooftop Live, presented by Fonduu.

This will be Lloyd’s second time performing at the event on the roof of Inn Cahoots. Since his first show Aug 20, 2020, Lloyd has become a mainstay in the Austin music scene, playing a variety of shows, opening for Bun B, collaborating with artists like Deezie Brown, and putting out new music.

He attributes his success simply to refusing to give up, and he’s grateful for plugs by local media like KUTX and the Austin Chronicle.

“Just putting in that work, man,” Lloyd said. “It’s always gonna look like it’s overnight. That’s the goal is for it to look like it happened overnight. But obviously, we all know these things don’t happen.”

Managing The Business Side Of Music

A father of two, Lloyd works at GRAV to supplement his music earnings. It’s taken him time to learn how to best approach his career as an artist. For instance, he used to play every show he could. Now, he’s more discerning.

He credits his producer, Danny Saldivar, who established an LLC for his music work, for teaching him the ropes of the music business. Plus, Lloyd doesn’t rely on a manager, so he’s been forced to learn on the fly.

“The business side has not come easy to me at all,” Lloyd said. “When I came into it, I’m 22, all I want to do is drink beers and write music and play shows, and no show was a bad show for me.

“Obviously, I love music and I would do it for free, but now I have to look at it as a businessman. So I’m grateful for the struggle, for the learning curve. It’s just making me a smarter artist, a smarter entity, a smarter business.”

In Austin, you can play some shows, but not every show is necessarily the right show for you.

-Jake Lloyd

Headlining With Primo The Alien

Lloyd is opening for Primo The Alien this Thursday, while Boyfriend ATX kicks off the show.

In the middle of 2020, Lloyd and Saldivar recorded a few songs with Primo and DOSSEY, another local pop artist.

“Primo is a very good friend of mine,” Lloyd said. “She’s dope, she’s funny. I love her music, and I think it’s cool that we’re getting booked together. I love it.

“(Recording with Primo) just goes back to me really trying to push that collaborative, working with people outside of my genre. Really just trying to get my hands in everything.”

Don’t be surprised if Lloyd plays some songs with Primo.