December 1, 2021

Primo The Alien Stands Out In Austin Pop Scene

Nick Schenck
Primo The Alien

If you look closely enough in Austin, you’ll find thriving music scenes across nearly every genre.

Electronic pop and synthwave are no exception, and the popularity of these styles is due in part to Primo The Alien. A multifaceted vocalist and musician, Primo plays in four bands and has helped foster a community in Austin around her favorite music.

Tomorrow, she headlines 3rd & Lamar’s Rooftop Live at Inn Cahoots. The show is presented by Fonduu

“Last night, I went to The Midnight show and they were sold out,” Primo said Nov. 20. “So there’s clearly a scene (in Austin).

“The genre is very interesting in that it’s electronic and it’s also pop and also some of it is vocally-driven. But it’s big.”

A throwback to the ‘80s, Primo says she’s always “been a weird kid.” She has channeled her love of artists like Billy Idol, Meatloaf, and Tina Turner – along with an appreciation for dragons, fairies, and fantasy – into an accessible sound that has endeared her to fans.

When she’s not gigging as Primo The Alien, she performs acoustically, plays bass for DOSSEY, and works to get KVN, her indie-pop group, off the ground.

It’s a busy life, but music fuels her.

“It’s hard to say what (music) is to me other than it’s everything,” she said. “This was a long week and it’s been a long couple of weeks, but the second I get up there (on the stage), it’s just an insane amount of energy.”

Music Video Production Through An ’80s Lens

If you admire the 1983 drama Flashdance, watch Primo’s music video for her song, “Thunder.”

The choreographed video debuted earlier this year.

“Obviously, it’s a pop song, and it feels like a pop music video,” she said. “But there’s more than that. You can feel that there’s thought that went into the visuals we had, and it was choreographed by my dear friend and bandmate, MC Glaeser.”

Catch her perform “Thunder” and more at her final show of 2021 tomorrow night. Don’t expect her to hold back.

“I’m unabashedly myself,” she said. “I don’t have a lot of secrets… I’m not hiding my hands. I kind of just show it.”