January 20, 2023

Say “Hello” to Snoop Dogg When Buying Wine

Frankie Pike

Snoop Dogg partnered with 19 Crimes wine to bring an augmented reality tiny Snoop to the shelves of your local liquor store.

The majority of shoppers surveyed by NielsenIQ said that augmented reality, or AR, gives them more confidence in the quality of the product.

The three main use cases for AR, according to this Harvard Business Review analysis, are to entertain, educate, and evaluate.

A common use case is allowing customers to “try before you buy.” Many makeup and glasses retailers use AI on their websites to allow shoppers to virtually “try on” their products.

But applications could be taken much further.

“Customers want AR. But managers must have a proper understanding of how AR can help their brand before they invest in the technology.”

-Harvard Business Review

TikTok Gains Market Share

TikTok’s advertising is cheaper than its competitors and touts better engagement, according to a recent report.

“Figures shared by New York-based media agency VaynerMedia from 2022 show that the cost to obtain 1,000 impressions from video advertising on TikTok is almost half the price of Instagram Reels, a third cheaper than Twitter and 62 per cent cheaper than advertising on Snapchat.” -Cristina Criddle and Arjun Neil Alim of the Financial Times

This is prompting advertisers to move ad spend from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to TikTok, according to the Financial Times.

Our take is that it’s tough to generalize because performance varies so much based on your campaign objective, ad creative, and target audience, among other factors. So we don’t advise any knee-jerk ad budget decisions based on this data.

Other news

  • Check out this podcast episode with guest Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney. He talks about Disney’s acquisition of Pixar, and the differences he noticed between the two studios in how movies were pitched and developed.
  • Dr. Dre is selling $200 million worth of his music assets to Universal Music and Shamrock. According to Billboard, this marks an acceleration of a run on hip-hop and rap assets. Before Future’s assets were acquired, private equity has mainly stayed away from the genre.
  • Check out this eyebrow-raising McDonald’s UK ad. We love it.

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