Production Work In Austin: “It’s Just Dead Right Now”

Austin’s production industry is under threat right now as projects decline and professionals ponder an uncertain future.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re writing a series on the pressures facing the video/film production industry in Austin. Below is Part I.

In Austin, creative pursuits are valued. 

Our city’s creative industries generated $4.3 billion in economic activity and 49,000 jobs in 2010, the year that the most recent figures are from. The film sector accounted for about $283 million in economic impact, and it has grown in the past decade.

Due to the cancelation of SXSW and the onset of COVID in March, Austin’s production industry has faced a prolonged work stoppage that has threatened the livelihoods of people across a wide range of roles.

Several Austin professionals shared their experiences with 3rd & Lamar.

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