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Production Work In Austin: Rates Aren’t Keeping Pace

Cost of living increases combined with flat wages for production crew have made life difficult for Austin film and video professionals.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re writing a series on the pressures facing the video/film production industry in Austin. Below is Part II of our series. Join the discussion by requesting an invite to our private Facebook group.

Filmmaker David Blue Garcia said what’s on a lot of people’s minds. 

“I don’t think Austin is a good city anymore for artists,” he said in May on 3rd & Lamar’s “Cover Charge” podcast.

At UT alum and the director of “Tejano,” which is now streaming on HBO, Garcia says the rising cost of living in Austin is difficult for creatives. It doesn’t help, he says, that production rates have stayed relatively flat, particularly for crew such as grips, gaffers, production assistants (PA) and camera operators.

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