Production Work In Austin: Smaller Footprints, Higher Expectations

Austin film professionals are getting squeezed by smaller crews, added costs, and skyrocketing client expectations.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re writing a series on the pressures facing the video/film production industry in Austin. Below is Part III of our series. Join the discussion by requesting an invite to our private Facebook group.

The decline of production jobs coupled with stagnant crew rates is threatening the careers of many Austin film and video professionals. But those are only a few of the concerns facing the industry. Fewer crew on set, additional costs due to COVID, and growing client expectations threaten to shrink jobs and margins further.

Cinematographer Chad Leathers worked on a project in May that he sees as the future of production, at least until everyone’s health is no longer in jeopardy.

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Up next: In the final article of our series, we examine how professionals in the Austin production industry are making ends meet and biding their time during the downturn. Read previous stories here.

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