September 18, 2023

Twitter (Ahem, X) Can’t Sell Its Ads, So It’s Turning to Google

Frankie Pike

As X faces a crisis in brand loyalty, the brand is turning to Google for programmatic ads.

According to Ad Age, X will use Google Ad Manager to sell its home feed ad inventory.

“This is an opportunity for our advertisers to reach a broader audience, but as always they can choose what sites and apps their ads run on,” said a Google spokesperson.

Brand safety on the platform has become a concern for advertisers with CEO Elon Musk at the helm. With his “free speech absolutist” philosophy, content moderation policies have become much looser, allowing rampant hate speech, according to CNBC.

As of July, Musk said that X had lost around half of its ad revenue since his takeover.

In another blow for the brand, according to Ad Age, a new poll found that “69 percent of U.S. X users still refer to the platform as Twitter and to posts as ‘tweets.'”

And this week, an annual brand loyalty report from a consumer research firm revealed that X has had the largest fall (from 47th place to 92nd) in brand loyalty this year of all the brands it tracks.

brands with largest loyalty gains

  • Tito’s (+53)
  • Mattel (+46)
  • T.J. Maxx (+32)
  • L’Oreal (+27)
  • American Express and Ford (+19 each)

Brands with Largest Loyalty losses

  • X (-45)
  • Spotify (-21)
  • Old Navy (-16)
  • Paramount+ (-15)
  • Whole Foods (-13)

“X, formerly Twitter, isn’t just any company,” said Jamie Gilpin, chief marketing officer at Sprout Social, in an Ad Age story. “Twitter was, and X is, a powerful and influential driver of culture and conversation. It’s even turned never-before-heard terms like ‘tweet,’ ‘retweet,’ and ‘hashtag’ into common vernacular.”

Other news

  • TikTok was fined the equivalent of $368 million in the European Union for violating EU rules by putting children’s data at risk, according to Ad Age.
  • In other TikTok news, the platform added Wikipedia snippets to search results seemingly as a response to young people treating the app like a search engine.
  • Check out Apple’s new marketing campaign promoting its environmental efforts, featuring Octavia Spencer as Mother Nature.

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