December 12, 2022

Case Study: Producing Product Videos For Alvies

Frankie Pike

Our friends at Alvies create boots and flip-flops designed to last for life.

(We also partner with Alvies to co-present Rolling Happy Hour, a pop-up music series, around Austin.)

Alvies asked us to produce new product videos for several pairs of their boots and flip-flops. This is how we approached the project.


Alvies wants to give their customers an immersive, 360-degree view of their products. They have high-resolution photos on their product pages, but the videos provide an even closer look at the detail and craftsmanship of each boot and flip-flop.

3rd + Lamar Studio Director Ari Morales needed to design a lighting plan and build backdrops to bring each product to life and reinforce Alvies’ unique branding.


For the boots, Morales used a 5-light setup for a clean look with the following gear:

  • Camera: RED Dragon 6k
  • Lens: Sigma 18-35
  • Lighting: 2 Aputure Nova 300s, 3 Nanlite 300-Watt LEDs 
  • Other Equipment: Turntable, acrylic, colored backdrop, Dragonframe software

For the flip-flops, Morales rotated them on a vertical access because they’re flat. To accomplish that, he hung a motor above a table facing downwards, and built a device that inserted into the sole of the flip-flop on one end and attached to the motor on the other.

The shoots took place two pairs at a time. In post-production, Morales cut out the flip-flops from the background for consistency and softened the background for the boots.


Because of our studio’s flexibility and lighting grid, Morales was able to shoot, edit, and then push out each round of shots in 48 hours.

Below are the final edits.

“Our studio is well-equipped to do product because of the lighting setup and the ability to really work on the fly. It enabled us to work on a short deadline because we didn’t have to source any additional equipment or crew—we have everything we need to turn around projects like this quickly.”

-Ari Morales, 3rd + Lamar Studio Director

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