June 3, 2020

Case Study: A Live Streaming Solution For BFREE Yoga

Nick Schenck

As gyms, workout studios, and other fitness businesses add online classes to accommodate remote members, our production house has begun offering clients help going virtual.

Below are details from a recent production project that we completed for BFREE Yoga.


Austin-based BFREE Yoga is located in Hyde Park and opened its doors in 2011. Founded by Shelby Autrey, BFREE Yoga offers a variety of Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes that cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners, as well as guided meditation classes on-demand.


Like other businesses deemed non-essential, BFREE Yoga stopped offering in-person classes in March due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19. The studio transitioned from 53 in-person classes per week to 12 live-streamed classes per week available through a Zoom video conference.

BFREE placed an iPad in its studio and used the computer camera and audio to broadcast its classes. Soon, they realized the limitations of their setup:

  • Poor video and audio quality with echoing
  • No way of including music in their live streams without a lag
  • Limited visibility and narrow camera lens range
  • A/V setup would interfere with students once they return

BFREE Yoga has lofty ambitions. Encouraged by students taking its Zoom classes from countries around the world, BFREE Yoga wanted a scalable live streaming platform for all of its classes – even when members return to the studio – in order to grow its memberships globally.

“To thrive in this new environment, we need exceptional live-streaming capabilities that minimize the distance between our instructors and our remote students. 3rd & Lamar Media surpassed my expectations. I love how they made my vision a reality.”

-Shelby Autrey, BFREE Yoga owner

In order to achieve this grand vision, BFREE Yoga needed a production upgrade.


BFREE Yoga contacted 3rd & Lamar Media to take its live production quality to the next level.

The requirements for the project included:

  • New software to enable live streaming to any platform
  • Seamless A/V installation to blend in with the studio decor
  • Wireless microphone to integrate with the live stream
  • Full-range, high-definition camera with remote control
  • Exceptional sound quality since BFREE is “music-driven”


BFREE Yoga now has the ability to live stream across any platform (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.) with professional-grade audio-video quality. Instructors can adjust the camera remotely during class. 

Also, we built a custom enclosure for the camera and ran hundreds of feet of A/V cables that connect to a capture card and laptop in another area of the studio. To blend into the walls and maintain the studio’s zen vibe, we secured discreet cabling and PVC pipes with matching colors.

Each live-streamed class can be scheduled through the software to automate the process, and the footage from each live-streamed class is recorded and stored for BFREE Yoga’s on-demand video library.

If you want to outfit your studio with live streaming capabilities – or upgrade your existing live streaming set-up – reach out to us at [email protected].