April 27, 2022

Case Study: Nerf x Reebok Spec Commercial

Frankie Pike

Earlier this year, we moved into our production studio, which allows us to take on ambitious new projects and flex our creativity in a lot of exciting ways. But we needed a way to show—rather than just tell—that to prospective clients.

Studio Director Ari Morales is leading the way.

Morales has been a Nerf fan since he was a kid, and he loved the aesthetic of the Nerf x Reebok collaboration. To visually marry the brands, he envisioned the Nerf gun shooting toward the shoe, as if Nerf was being injected into Reebok at high velocity. The aim was to give both products their own screen time before they’re shown coexisting.


We used the RED Dragon and shot in 6k. To achieve the illusion of the dart flying in the air, we shot a separate plate of a dart on a lazy Susan, which rotated. Then, we composited the dart between the gun and the shoe.