January 9, 2023

2022: A Year in Review

3rd + Lamar

It was the year of Wordle, Will Smith’s slap heard ’round the world, Euphoria season 2, the war in Ukraine, and “As It Was.”

Amidst the chaos of 2022, we created work that we’re truly proud of. These are the projects that defined our year.

Studio Buildout

At the start of 2022, we acquired a 1,600 sq. ft. warehouse space that we built out and converted into our production studio.

The revamp required many gallons of black paint, a few weeks of late nights, and countless Clorox wipes, but it was well worth it.

The studio has enabled us to level up our work and capture some amazing footage. (See below.)

The whole team came together to build out the studio, but we’d like to give a special shoutout to Studio Director Ari Morales for his leadership and construction skills.

  • Presenting: 3rd + Lamar Studio Showreel

    We’re thrilled to present our studio showreel, featuring Under Armour x Project Rock, Gillette, Alvie’s, Siete, Nerf, Mush, Profound Commerce, High Brew, Circle, and more.

3rd + Lamar Relaunch

Our major goal in 2022 was to clarify our brand.

In May, we merged the two sides of our company—3rd & Lamar and 3rd & Lamar Media—into one unified brand, 3rd + Lamar.

We also updated our logo, changed our fonts, added a color, and fully redesigned the website and our social media presence with the help of our friends, Matt Schoen and Michelle McGinnis. Frankie Pike, our brand + advertising coordinator, led the project.

“As a production company and working with the brands, you guys are sort of a container and gallerist for that as well, too,” Schoen said. “So I wanted to make sure it was bold and strong, but it wasn’t overshadowing your partners, obviously.”

Our look has changed, but our mission remains the same: To make the best work of our lives with good people and give back along the way.

Siete Spec

Once we had a studio and a cohesive brand, we got to work shooting specs to show what we’re capable of.

We had a ton of fun dressing the set and combining practical and post gags to create this Siete Family Foods ad.

Siete is a local company, which we love, and their products are delicious.

Shoutout to Studio Director Ari Morales, Post Supervisor Michael Zumaya, and local director and editor Corey Crumpacker.

  • Case Study: How We Created The Siete Family Foods Spec Ad

    We created a spec ad for local Mexican American, family-owned Siete Family Foods. Our goal was to visually show that Siete’s foods are bursting with flavor, even though they’re gluten-free, so we used a volcano as inspiration.

Desert Roses Fashion Show

This fall, we live-streamed, photographed, and recapped the first fashion show to ever happen at Willie Nelson’s Luck Ranch at Lucktoberfest.

It was great to be able to work with and support the local Austin creative community, which is incredibly talented.

There were many people involved in this project, but of our team members, thank you to Co-Founder + Head of Production Tony Stolfa (livestream director, coordinator, and sizzle producer), Deni Roque (sizzle editor and livestream PA), Brand + Advertising Coordinator Frankie Pike (sizzle director and livestream photographer), and Digital Marketing Specialist Keila Martinez (sizzle assistant director) for all your work.

  • Case Study: Desert Roses Fashion Show

    We had the honor of live-streaming Desert Roses, the queer fashion show event at Lucktoberfest, on Willie Nelson’s Luck Ranch.

Marketing Roundup

One of our goals in 2022 was to increase our coverage of relevant marketing and production news. We set out to do so through a weekly marketing roundup.

Brand + Advertising Coordinator Frankie Pike researched and wrote the roundups, Digital Marketing Specialist Keila Martinez made the incredible video synopses (watch here), and Co-Founder + CEO Nick Schenck helped curate the content.

  • The Culture-Defining Trends of 2022

    The Culture-Defining Trends of 2022

    In 2022, Americans became more politically engaged, the most popular celebrities were the ones stuck in controversy, and lots of people wanted to know if they could change. Here’s what you need to know.

  • ChatGPT Takes Internet By Storm

    ChatGPT Takes Internet By Storm

    OpenAI recently released ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot prototype, and the FIFA World Cup finals match is this Sunday. Here’s what you need to know.

Much of our best agency work happened behind the scenes, led by Co-Founder + Head of Agency Heather Grass. And our production team’s most ambitious project of 2022 has yet to be released, so stay tuned.

Thank you—our readers, clients, and friends—for making this our best year yet. We’re only getting started.

Let’s work together in 2023. Reach out to us at [email protected].