December 8, 2022

Presenting: 3rd + Lamar Studio Showreel

3rd + Lamar

We’re thrilled to present our studio showreel, featuring footage and campaigns with Under Armour x Project Rock, Gillette, Alvie’s, Siete, Nerf, Mush, Profound Commerce, High Brew, Circle, and more.

Our Production Studio

Our 1,600-square-foot studio is located north of the Mueller neighborhood in Austin, Texas, with a 40-foot by 25-foot matte black wall. The space is ideal for commercial, product, and tabletop productions, interviews, portraits, etc. We also have podcast production capabilities.

There is 30 amp 120-volt power and 20 amp 240-volt dedicated power. We also have dedicated power on our ceiling and a 20-foot by 20-foot lighting grid. There’s also a 10-foot bay door and free parking available.

The studio is fully customizable, and à la carte equipment is available for rent.

Cinema Robots + Software

We have two cinema robots, which we use to capture a variety of footage when precision is paramount.

Cinema robots are designed for automation and built so that you can mount any camera to them. If you’ve ever seen the robots designed to build cars, it’s the same sort of robot, just modified for filmmaking.

Additionally, because you don’t need to transition from a camera on a tripod to a slider and back, a cinema robot can save hours on set, and you don’t need as big of a crew.

For example, if you had 10 different shoes and wanted to get 10 identical shots of each, all you would have to do is program the robot, then switch out the shoe, and you’ll get the exact same shot for each one.

“It’s everything. It’s like having the best tripod in the world. You can put your camera in any position in a matter of seconds and get shots you otherwise just couldn’t get.”

-Studio Director Ari Morales

What sets the robots apart the most is the software. We use Lensmaster by Camerabotics, which allows operators to export the cinema robot’s path, enabling 3D objects to seamlessly move about in the foreground or background.

This means we can add all the 3D elements—any object or text—we want and/or apply a virtual background with pinpoint accuracy with the movement path. Gone are the days of having the computer guess what the 3D path was.

For example, say you want to shoot a Coors Light ad in the Rockies but don’t have the budget to fly a whole team out to the Rockies.

You can film a person holding the beer with a cinema robot in-studio with a green screen. Then, you could easily add the Rockies in post-production.

Behind the scenes during a shoot in our studio

Video Assets for E-Commerce Brands

We have ample experience creating video assets in our studio for e-commerce brands, in particular. One example is Profound Commerce, an Austin-based brand holding company.

Founded in 2018, Profound Commerce raised $53 million in financing in 2021 to acquire and scale a portfolio of online brands both on Amazon and through its own sites. 

The company operates ColorIt (coloring books for adults), Hudson Durable Goods (premium aprons), Amazin’ Aces (pickleball equipment), and HIKS (standup paddleboards), among several other consumer brands.

We transformed our studio into an artist’s den, an industrial kitchen, a pickleball court, and a craftsman’s workshop and used cinema robots to get precisely the vision that Profound Commerce had.

“3rd + Lamar is excellent at taking a vision, conceptualizing it, and then executing at an extremely high standard. Their production studio offered a lot of flexibility, and we’re thrilled with the content.”

-Nirav Bhagat, CMO and Co-Founder, Profound Commerce

We are grateful for the trust of our clients and the hard work of our crew. We’re only getting started.

For additional studio information and to check availability, contact Studio Director Ari Morales at [email protected].