March 10, 2023

Sometimes Less is More

Frankie Pike

The ad with the most impressions so far in 2023 is this simple, somewhat low-quality LendingTree slider ad, according to Adbeat.

The ad (below) appears to be interactive and offers instant gratification.

Viewers who click on the ad are taken to a landing page, where they can input the type of property they’re refinancing. Since the beginning of the year, the ad has garnered 2.3 billion impressions with an ad spend of $11.8 million.

Though that’s a hefty price tag, it’s significantly lower than ads with a comparable amount of impressions. The ad with the second-most impressions (below) cost $50.8 million in ad spend—not to mention the production costs—and garnered 2.2 billion impressions.

The third-place ad, a Dominos promotion, cost $50 million and reached 2.1 billion impressions.

The LendingTree ad has been live since May of 2022. Ad spend was the highest for it on Yahoo, AOL, and

Economic Instability? Invest in Marketing

Deloitte just released its 2023 global marketing trends report based on a survey of 1,015 global executives, including 500 U.S. executives.

The top trend is “brands answer economic instability with marketing investments.”

According to Deloitte, 75 percent of the marketers who are most concerned about economic instability are responding with an investment mindset, and 89 percent of high-growth brands say their long-term success depends on their “ability to foster creativity.”

Domino’s UK, for example, successfully used marketing to increase its value-for-money perception score by 4 percent. This is a good example of marketing during a time of enhanced recessionary concerns.

“At a time when customers have been looking for great value, Domino’s has delivered, and you can see the results in the numbers we’re announcing today,” interim CEO Elias Diaz Sese said to MarketingWeek.

Other news

  • “Ads running on the Roku platform can now be targeted, measured, and optimized against first-party data from Best Buy to increase relevance and improve performance,” according to MarketingDive and this Roku press release. The two companies will launch their relationship at SXSW this weekend by bringing the iconic Roku City screensaver to life, featuring a Best Buy Home Theater Experience.

    In other Roku news, the company revealed Friday that 26 percent of its cash and cash equivalents balance as of March 10, 2023, are held in Silicon Valley Bank, which was closed today by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.
  • According to AdAge, Foot Locker is “poised” to name Austin-based Preacher as its creative agency of record.
  • After blowing past earnings expectations this week, Dick’s Sporting Goods is launching its biggest ad campaign ever. The company is set to announce a new NCAA sponsorship next week during March Madness.
  • Spotify is creating a visual feed in one of its biggest product releases ever.
  • Remember HQ Trivia? CNN presents GLITCH to document the rise & fall of the once-popular game.
  • These were the best ads of the week.

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