March 3, 2023

This Is What People See on Facebook

Frankie Pike

Meta has released the most recent version of its quarterly content report, and humor beat politics.

As SocialMediaToday explains, the report “aims to dispel the notion that Facebook’s algorithms favor divisive, argumentative, political content, with the actual data showing that what the majority of Facebook users actually see in their feeds is far more mundane.”

In previous reports, many of the most-viewed posts and stories violated Meta’s Community Standards and were removed. But in Q4 of 2022, the most-viewed content was mainly light and humorous. Only one of the top 20 posts was removed, and it was due to “Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity.”

Let’s dig in.

  • This was the most widely viewed post of the quarter. It reached 54.8 million viewers and was posted by LADbible, the most widely viewed page on Facebook.
  • Celebrity news dominated the most-viewed links.
  • The top 20 posts of the quarter were either humorous or uplifting, like this post that came in at No. 3. Meta repeatedly notes that while popular, the Top 20 posts collectively account for just 0.04 percent of U.S. content views.
  • The most widely viewed domain was (170.5 million viewers), followed by (113.9 million viewers). ranked fourth with 103.7 million viewers.
  • Nearly three-quarters of views came from posts shared by friends, Groups, or Pages that viewers followed. Just 16.8 percent came from Feed recommendations.

View the full report here.

LinkedIn Introduces AI-Powered “Collaborative Articles”

LinkedIn announced the launch of Collaborative Articles, which use AI-generated prompts to ask specific users for their expertise and input.

The AI-generated conversation starters will be developed by LinkedIn’s editorial team and matched with relevant member experts through LinkedIn’s Skills Graph, according to a letter by LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Daniel Roth. This will allow professionals to share real-life advice and perspectives, which in turn will help them gain more exposure for their expertise and experience in the app.

LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, is hoping this new feature will boost member engagement and add more followers and connections to its platform.

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