October 31, 2022

3rd + Lamar Named Official Production Partner for Inn Cahoots

3rd + Lamar

Agreement includes production and programming at Inn Cahoots, The Garden, and 3rd + Lamar’s Soundstage at The Studio

AUSTIN, Texas – Oct. 31, 2022 — Today, 3rd + Lamar, an Austin-based media agency and production house, announced a multi-year agreement with Inn Cahoots, a boutique hotel and hospitality brand, to become the East Austin venue’s official production partner. 

As part of this partnership, 3rd + Lamar will provide live and on-demand production services and programming for Inn Cahoots and The Garden, an adjacent property and event space located at 1209 E. 6th Street in the area formerly occupied by the Volcom Garden. 

In addition, 3rd + Lamar will be the official producer at The Studio, an intimate indoor bar next to The Garden that now features 3rd + Lamar’s Soundstage and production studio.

“Whatever we can do to sustain and grow the music community in Austin, we’re onboard,” 3rd + Lamar co-founder and CEO Nick Schenck said. “This is an incredible opportunity to collaborate with Inn Cahoots to build an iconic Austin studio that highlights the local music scene and other brands and creators in a unique and unprecedented way.”

“We’ve been given the opportunity to create something that reflects and preserves Austin’s culture—which is deeply rooted in music, food, and art,” Inn Cahoots founder and CEO Kristen Carson said. “During COVID, we worked with 3rd + Lamar to donate space to bands to support the Austin music scene while we were all at home. Now that things have reopened, we are excited to have found many more unique ways to support Austin’s music scene, including the development of The Studio.” 

In July 2020, 3rd + Lamar began working with Inn Cahoots to host concerts on the roof of the venue as part of 3rd + Lamar’s Rooftop Live, a live streaming concert series that has featured Austin bands such as Urban Heat, Primo The Alien, Jake Lloyd, DOSSEY, Gordy Quist from The Band of Heathens, Jonathan Terrell, Eimaral Sol, and others.

PRIMO performing at 3rd + Lamar’s Rooftop Live at Inn Cahoots.

Separately, 3rd + Lamar was the exclusive producer of Austin Monthly’s Front Porch Sessions, a virtual concert series, and also partners with Alvie’s Boots to co-present and produce Rolling Happy Hour, a pop-up concert series in neighborhoods around Austin.

To learn more about this agreement, or to book a show or recording with 3rd + Lamar, contact the team at [email protected]

About 3rd + Lamar

3rd + Lamar is a team of filmmakers, ad strategists, motion graphics editors, and copywriters. Our mission is to produce the best work of our lives with good people and give back along the way. We partner with leading media and tech companies, direct-to-consumer brands, and startups to tell their stories and fuel their growth. To listen to our podcast featuring Inn Cahoots founder and CEO Kristen Carson, click here.

About inn cahoots

Inn Cahoots is an Austin-based boutique hotel and hospitality brand that offers unique living and lounging accommodations focused on large group travel. We offer the layout of an AirBNB, but with the reliability of a hotel. We have multiple large event spaces, including now The Studio and The Garden, to host groups of anywhere from 5 – 2,500 people.

Images of the studio

“Whatever we can do to sustain and grow [Austin], we’re onboard.”

-Nick Schenck, Co-Founder and CEO of 3rd + Lamar